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Perfect Symmetry

There are times when it seems all of the lines of your life are connecting. Today for example I am on the way top pick up and walk two dogs - failure - the car failed to start _AGAIN - god, I hate letting people and dogs down. On this occasion the dogs are just too far away for me get there on foot. So I send the texts and make my apologies. Time to go and fetch another of my regulars - not too far to walk this time on about 1/2 mile there and back. Get there - happy in the knowledge I would soon see  Alfie one of my favourites. No-one home... I haven't brought the housekey!" Trudge home cursing my stupidity - this is not turning out to be a good day. Pick up key and return. Alfie full of life as usual bounds down the road and onto the Rec. Normally at this time I would be en route to other clients and so cannot answer the phone.  As we saunter back the phone rings. A potential new client in Corsham - who wants me to walk her dog while she is away. Very happy - an opportunity which I may have missed under normal circumstances. Why the title for the Blog - well its obvious, the new customer's dog's name - it's ALFIE!! 

Sad Stray

It was 5.30 PM and I was just about to start tea when there was a knock at the front door. The dogs went mad - of course, but I largely ignored it - early "Trick or Treaters" perhaps. Then I was called to see - our neighbours had found a stray - a beautiful male Collie but he looked worse for wear - he must have been out on the streets for days to have deteriorated so much.  We decided to take him to our local vet to establish whether he had been microchipped - success - he had been therefore surely a matter of time before contact could be made with the owner.

Terrier Attack

My job brings me into contact with a large number of people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. It never fails to amaze me why little dogs appear to want to kick off especially when they come into contact with larger animals.  Today I was exercising my own dog, Morgan who is the most placid, submissive dog in creation and Bramble( a labrador) who is only 10 months old and is the craziest dog around. That said, they were today totally absorbed in a game of chase and tug with a plastic "stick". Neither of my two showed any signs of aggression towards the Border who initially started barking/growling at both. Myself and the owner had a good laugh about this(?) and then went our separate ways around the field. However, on the next pass things got serious. Bramble wasn't even looking at the Border when it attacked him. Biting his throat and head. Bramble barely out of puppihood did his best to defend himself and did manage to eventually pin the other dog down. the other owner and I did try very hard to separate them - indeed the other guy picked up a pretty nasty bite for his pains - but he had to kick his dog in the end to finally break it up. Bramble is fine. He was not cut at all but I am sure he could have been traumatised had we not quickly started to play the game again.  I make a plea to owners of terriers everywhere - unless you can be totally confident that your dog is not likely to be aggressive please keep them on a lead or at least under strict control.

When it's time to leave

The wonderful thing about dog walking/boarding is the diversity of dog breeds and temperament that you meet. In a relatively short time I have looked after Weimararner, Labradoodle at one extreme of size down to cockerpoo and Lakeland Terriers at the other. Each of my dog customers bring their own special element to the mix and it now seems so strangely quiet (not that barking is allowed in the house!) when we have only 3 or 4 staying.

The issue that I find really difficult is when it comes for the dog to leave. In the vast majority of cases they spring out of the door with their owners and I can be satisfied of the job done. But occasionally, whether it is a reluctance to leave  or more specifically the knowledge that I have of the conditions which the dog faces when it returns home, I feel extremely sad at their departure. My first dog, Lady was a great "clinger" especially when we would put her into kennels - not that she didn't like them or would have a good time - it was just the "don't leave me" saga. Later today when I leave one of my dogs at his owner's house that clinging saga will be played out again. That makes me really SAD...

The power of Calm

It is always an interesting experience the first time you introduce two new dogs in your home. Generally, this is done on lead and in the relative neutrality of the garden space - just to avoid one dog from feeling trapped and therefore reacting inappropriately. This morning was the exception that proved the rule. I have an 18 month old Weimararner staying who is pretty big and very gormless - all meetings are head on - literally! Now Alfie is a regular visitor to my home and is generally a very active, excitable Cockerpoo.

Is it the time of year?

As autumn draws on I have noticed the number of people requiring dog walking/boarding services is reducing rapidly. Is this normal? Are owners saving up for trips and visits during the Xmas/New Year break and therefore intend to inundate me later on or do I shut up shop over the festive period? As I am new to the business what would be an appropriate charge to make for the Xmas bank hols - double/ triple the price? Is this just blatant profiteering? 


Lazy Saturday Mornings

In any other profession you can look forward to getting a well earned lie in after the trials and tribulations of the working week . However, dog sitters/boarders don't get that privilege; take this morning for example. At a little after 6.30 the dogs (only 4 stayed last night) made it plain that it was time for a loo break. Now some of our guests are in the mature category while Ottis (Weimararner) is lively and accident prone.  The rush for the door was an accident waiting to happen.  Bailey, my good old boy Greyhound was slightly wobbly on his legs after a long sleep and Ottis was dashing backwards and forwards in excitement. On one pass Ottis bashed into Bailey spinning him round and causing him to do the splits - oh, the noise!!  Fortunately, the yelping was more from shock than actual pain and after we cuddled and stroked him for 10 mins - he decided the safest place was back on my bed! So much for my lie in. Never mind the morning dawned a beautiful day. I really wouldn't change my life for any amount of lie-ins!!!

Terrier terrors

There must have been a time in my life when I was not constantly trying to stop clients' terriers from tearing strips out of each other. I must board at least 20 different breeds of dog (not all at the same time I add) but it seems that only terriers (of whatever description) plan their days around putting one over on their counterparts. Take Stanley for example - beautiful animal if not the calmest dog in the world but boy, does he want to "get at" everything in sight. Fortunately, we have extremely good plans in place to prevent any incidents. And I guess life would be that bit less exciting without the terrors in my life.

Gearing up for the weeks ahead

Having completed the website it is now time to ensure the public at large get to see it. Advertising firms aplenty coming out of the woodwork to take my money while promising to guarantee prominent position on Google search pages. This is getting really cool - just hope it generates more work...


OMG this is so exciting!! My very first message on my own website. Business is booming and today I successfully "introduced" two new friends, Alfie and Barley. If you want to join in the fun. Please get in touch.
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