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Our black Labrador puppy, Bramble, first stayed with Greer and Roy when he was six months old, and was treated as part of the family during his stay. He seems to enjoy his visits, to the extent that he was in no hurry to get into the car at the end of our summer holiday!  During one visit, he suffered a minor injury whilst running around in the fields, and Roy made sure that we were kept informed of his treatment and recovery.  It is lovely to receive the regular texts from Roy, usually with a photo of Bramble enjoying a cuddle, or playing with Morgan, while we are away.  I would recommend Walks n All to anyone looking for the service offered by Greer and Roy – although part of me would like to keep it secret so that they don’t become TOO popular!!"
Sue, Simon, Katie and Amy Ross...and Bramble

"I am very pleased with the service so far. My Lakeland terrier was not very well socialised with other dogs but is improving greatly from mixing with a variety of dogs at Roy’s house. I am sure there must be a few scuffles with other dogs as they work out the pecking order, but Roy’s calm and confident nature soon smooths things out. The value for money and accommodating nature of the service is second to none." 

Debbie Debell - Owner of Barley

Update from weekend – Bear keeps improving on walks with me which is pleasing he was brilliant over the weekend only pulling at strange things ‘man with a pram – he wanted to catch-up’ but for the majority of the walk he was relaxed and at some points walking by my side which is a miracle. Today:- Bear was brilliant another dog owner however was not! She was walking a tiny dog (not sure you could call it that!) and a Jack Russell I think, she stopped to let us pass at which point I could only see the tiny dog which was probably because they were off lead!!!! Anyway the tiny dog ran up to Bear and then ran away but the Jack Russell persistently barked at Bear and did get a mouthful back! I carried on walking with Bear to be followed by these brats but to my surprise when we eventually managed to get away Bear immediately relaxed and forgot all about it – another miracle (but a very stupid woman – I only managed not to give her a mouthful myself for Bear’s sake (lucky woman!). We had a great walk and passed another dog on the way back through the estate – I stopped with Bear and he barked but again calmed down. Can you let me know what you do with Bear when you pass another dog so I can ensure consistency? It is clear the progress Bear has made over the past weeks and I am so grateful for your help and support 


Thank you so much for looking after Rosie for us this past weekend. It is lovely to know we can leave her in the care of such caring people.

Just out of curiosity do you do grooming? It's not a necessity but it would be nice to know if you do.

Many thanks again.

Dave and Sandi 

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